About the Free Dutch project


Kinna McInroe [about]
Kinna is an actress, singer, writer and teacher. She loves improv and chocolate. You may recognize her from films and television shows such as Office Space, Where the heart is, CSI, Criminal Minds, Jimmy Kimmel live and the Bernie Mac Show.

Jo Luijten [about]
Neerlandist, coffee junkie and information specialist. Jo loves psychology, jazz, rock, classical music, vintage stuff, technology, old books and watching Scandinavian movies with Kinna.

About The Free Dutch Project started as a Dutch learning website, inspired by Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course. Engdahl offers a free basic course of Swedish on his website. Freedutch has more goals nowadays. The aim of the Free Dutch project is in the first place to inform about everything that has to do with The Netherlands. In contrast to other websites about the Netherlands, we have an opinion. If a city is boring or located in the middle of nowhere, we explain why we think you shouldn't visit this place. Our opinion is also based on experiences of tourists and exchange students.

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